Environmental Sustainability

SaujanaSaujana takes our environmental and social responsibility seriously. We are deeply committed in promoting sustainable construction practices to minimising the impact of our construction activities on the surrounding environment and its inhabitants. Each project has a comprehensive Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in place to provide a systematic way of managing environmental affairs, focusing to reduce pollution created in the construction process and continually monitor our impact on the environment.

Our culture promotes positive behaviours to recycle and reduce consumption of resources, enabling our people to actively contribute to the overall environmental performance of the company.


Saujana believes in people and community, and take our community responsibility very seriously. Wherever possible, we go beyond in delivering a trade that adds value to a local community, and match their expectations. In doing so we often called upon to implement Community Relation Strategies (CRS) to address the concerns of community affected by our work.

We actively look for and encourage new initiatives and partnerships that will support the community to grow vibrant and sustainable. We aim to make a positive contribution to our local communities in which we operate through Local Community Sponsorships, Employee Volunteer Program, and Charitable Donations that help make a difference.